Typography is a quintessential skill for designers, I have a strong passion for creating beautiful typography that conforms to the needs of projects.

I have an understanding of the fundamentals of HTML/CSS that allow me to create, maintain and design for websites.

Adobe Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop are programs I use on a daily basis. The suite is where I create almost all of my work and I am constantly working on improving my skills in the programs that I don't have as much background in.

Publication design is what I have been doing throughout my college career, specializing in brochure and magazine design.

Print design is my passion, I love the tactility of creating a printed project and the almost unlimited options I have as a designer in print.

Web design is something I have been exploring for the past few years through internships. I have created multiple websites through internships and have developed my skills in front end web design.


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